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Gregory DamaskosGregory is the founder and director of Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat. His own path and awakenings have led him to study Naturopathy, Psychotherapy, Massage, Nutrition, Herbal Medicine and Yoga.

His therapeutic practices as  psychotherapist and conscious evolution facilitator have a wide range of applications. He focuses on assisting individuals in their major transitions and crises through life, as well as helping them to regain their control over their health and wellbeing.

Gregory’s vision, anchored through Authenticity is in the creation of a fully functioning Spiritual, Alchemical Sanctuary and Wellness Centre. To that purpose he has gathered a team of highly skilled practitioners in traditional and revolutionary therapies to facilitate healing of mind, body and spirit and for planetary healing through ethical decisions, respect of natural resources and sustainable technologies.

Drawing inspiration from teachers such as Jose Arguelles Stanislav Grof and many esoteric teachings and philosophies, Gregory is committed to facilitating an evolutionary process of healing and self-realisation, functioning as a spiritual guide, teacher and healer for those who seek to evolve and expand beyond the realms of the mundane.

“To transcend one’s limitations and reach Authenticity, one must be prepared to question everything and anything that defines the realm of norms, accepted realities and conditionings.”

“Who is the prophet but a madman awakened from centuries of sleep?”

Gregory is available for Private Sessions and Consultations.

Contact info@authenticity.com.au for a free ten minute phone session.

Gregory’s Therapies and Treatments:

Lifestyle Counselling (60mins)Remedial Massage (60mins)Yoga and Meditation (60mins)Conscious Evolution Counselling (60mins)Naturopathy (60mins)Lucia Light Therapy and Consultation (30mins)



Alli Ackland PrpicAllie is a Psychologist, Coach and an Energy Healer. She works with both children and adults, supporting them to grow and experience their higher, more empowered selves. She supports others to elevate their thinking, increase their self worth and become the driver of their reality.

When we love ourselves and are sovereign in our own lives, our expression of ourselves is aligned to our hearts and our true essence. We become passionate about our lives and our dreams and we find it easy to create our goals.

If you desire to experience a more empowered state of mind and a deeper connection to your desires, contact Allie for an appointment. For further info see www.healingpsychology.com.au and www.telepathicheart.com.au.

Treatments and Therapies:

Psychology (60mins, 90mins)Aromadome Therapy (30mins)Energy Healing (60mins)Workshop Host



Margaritis is a practising Remedial Massage Therapist and Healer. He specialises in treating injuries, chronic pain and releasing stored tensions. He also teaches basic Tai-Chi principles and bio-mechanics as well as Remedial Yoga for counter-balancing the body after a day’s long work and to treat old persistent injuries and for general wellbeing.

Personal experiences and knowledge in self-healing led him to follow a career in the Health industry. It is at that when he met with Gregory Damaskos, founder of Authenticity, who offered him to join the Health Retreat team.

His personal Healing Journey began at age 29 during his days as a music performer, song writer and teacher. After, what he sees as “an imbalanced life style of an entertainer” in which he felt extremely old for his age (tired, lethargic and in constant pain) he faced a transformative life crisis. With the assistance of several natural modalities, (fasting and scientific dieting), physical exercises like Yoga and Tai-Chi as well as many personal development seminars, personal research and studies he became his own Physician.

After further Tertiary studies in Remedial Therapy he now is one of the Senior Massage Therapists practicing at Authenticity for nearly two decades.

You will find his treatments thorough, effective and soothing.

Margaritis is truly a wealth of insight which he happily passes onto those who seek it.


Reflexology (60mins)Massages (30-120mins)



Irini AlfaComing from a background of Traditional Healers, Botanists and Eastern and Western Medicine,  Irini is a true fusion of both East and West. Growing up in that environment gave her a deep understanding and knowledge of health, fitness, nutrition, gardening and conscious living.

Over the years Irini further developed her unique holistic approach by combining  Swedish and Chinese Therapeutic and Relaxation massage techniques to deliver a transformational, therapeutic full body, healing experience.

Her unique ability to soothe, relax, tune in energetically and target areas of imbalance makes her style authentic, versatile and beneficial for anyone seeking to restore and optimize their wellbeing.

You are assured that after having received her treatment you will be left with a feeling of complete relaxation and Zen.


Therapeutic Massage and Pregnancy Massage



Susie massage therapist

Susie has been a massage practitioner for twelve years after completing her Diploma of Remedial Massage in 2004. Susie is also experience in Spa and Beauty therapies from working in beautiful, Noosa Heads, Queensland.

Also a qualified yoga instructor, Susie enjoys movement and facilitates two different dance therapies: WuTao the Dancing Way and Chakradance. Both of these dance practices use music and movement to free up stagnant energy in the body to bring more flow, harmony and wellbeing into our lives.

In mid 2016, Susie extended her massage training by completing a course in Hawaiian Ka Huna Massage Technique. This beautiful, flowing massage style deeply relaxes and nurtures the whole self.

Susie brings nurturing and healing qualities to all of her treatments and looks forward to sharing them with you at Authenticity.


Signature Relaxation MassagePregnancy MassageTherapeutic MassageKa Huna MassageCEYA Radio-frequency Non-Surgical FacialBreeze FacialHand and Feet TangoEnergy HealingEssential FacialEnzyme Renewal FacialBody Scrubs and Mud Wraps



Roberto Damaskos

Roberto completed his Acupuncture studies with Honours at SA College of Natural Medicine in Adelaide. He also has a Diploma in Remedial Massage, Sports Massage and Acupressure.

Roberto has been practicing for the last 10 years. Working closely with his brother Gregory Damaskos enhanced his knowledge in Natural Therapies including nutrition, lifestyle, exercise, yoga, aromatherapy and maintaining a healthy mental attitude.

Roberto is also a musician composing ambient electronic music, which he also uses for his treatments.

In his work he draws from a range of acupuncture, remedial massage and acupressure techniques, or reflexology and cupping combined with the use of aromatherapy oils to relieve pain and tension, harmonizing the emotions and assisting you to find optimum balance with lasting results.

Roberto is a member of ATMS and he is also Workcover Accredited.


Therapeutic Massage, Signature Relaxation Massage, AcupunctureReflexology