Mission + What We Do | Authenticity

We are genuine seekers of truth and devoted to our own evolution and healing.

Healing is a Journey into Self Realization.

We provide an optimal facility where people are assisted to achieve the deepest levels of healing possible.

We believe environment is everything.

We stimulate and direct our retreat guests into a deeper awareness of the true nature and causes of their suffering and disease, by working through personal traumas, emotional problems, negative patterns and programs. We facilitate a transformative process where heart, mind and body operate in a more harmonious, balanced and positive way towards health and well-being.

Our retreats aim to activate the innate healing capacities of an individual, through providing dietary guidance, massage therapies, exercise regimes, yoga and meditation practices, psychological explorations, and energetic healings.

We are all interwoven into the fabric of this planet and our individual consciousness affects the collective. In this light, the Sanctuary provides a space that is conducive to the transformative process that we as individuals and the planet are going through.

Sovereignty, Self Determination, Spiritual Liberty and Motivation are at the heart of our work, positively influencing the individual and community.

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