History | Authenticity

Authenticity Health and Wellness Retreat was established twenty years ago by Gregory Damaskos.  Gregory is the current custodian of the heritage listed property.  He has worked tirelessly to maintain and renovate the property to its current glory.  He is proud that visitors to Authenticity can still appreciate and experience the charm and character of the historic property.

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The jewel of the 40 acre property is the stunningly beautiful two storey manor house. Built in 1864 by Mr Philip Greayer, who lived in it until 1872, calling it Bow Lodge.  At that stage the house consisted of fourteen rooms. Mr Alfred Hallett then purchased the house for 2,000 pounds, adding more rooms and renaming it Heathfield house. It was while the Hallett family owned the property that it was used by the Governor of South Australia, Sir William Jervois as his summer residence in 1878 – 1879. Heathfield House then went on to be privately owned with more rooms being added.

Authenticity is located just out of Port Elliot on the Fleurieu Peninsula of South Australia.  An hours drive south of the city of Adelaide.

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