Since its beginnings almost 18 years ago, Authenticity has been a centre for healing, rejuvenating and reconnecting with one’s inner self.

We have a range of therapies for the seeker of self-discovery and self-improvement.

Our therapists come from a range of healing and counselling modalities such as: psychotherapy, psychology, art therapy and naturopathy.
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Authenticity is ideal for those who seek to find inner peace, tranquility, insight and transformation as well as personal development and restoration of mind body and soul.

See our packages here. Or tailor your own Authenticity experience by emailing enquiries@authenticity.com.au or calling (08) 8554 2088.

Massage plays an important role in detoxifying, regenerating and releasing emotions from the body. It has a number of benefits physically, mentally and spiritually.

Each of our therapists has developed a unique massage experience using a range of techniques to energise, balance, restore and transform.

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Yoga has always been integrated into the Authenticity vision since it’s humble beginnings almost twenty years ago.

We offer yoga as part of our accommodation packages, to in house guests and classes for the public.

Check out our ‘Yoga at Authenticity’ Facebook page for timely updates for more information about class prices, styles and teachers here.

Our beauty spa offering includes a range of treatments combining organic products, advanced techniques and medical-grade technologies to enhance your natural beauty and detoxify your skin and body.

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